Emergency Chlorine-So2 Scrubber

Emergency Cl2/So2 Scrubber

Apzem emergency chlorine So2 scrubber is a multi-stage wet scrubber system designed to treat chlorine vapours from a bank of chlorine cylinders, at leaks rate of 28lbs/min or more . Our system is designed to maintain negative pressure in the chlorination and chlorine storage rooms while limiting the atmospheric release of chlorine to less than 1 ppm. Apzem assembled emergency chlorine scrubber system is very compact with low profile suitable for either indoor or outdoor installation.


When a leak occurs , the pump and the fan starts automatically. The fan provides sufficient vacuum to contain the chlorine gas and deliver it to the scrubber. The pump circulates concentrated caustic solution over the scrubber packing to absorb virtually all of the chlorine gas. The entire system is factory assembled and tested for easy installation .

All our fume Extractors are fully customizable to suit your needs. Apzem provides a complete solution from designing spot extraction arms and connecting multiple spot extraction arms to one centralized Laboratory Fume Extraction System. For enquiries or to know more feel free to contact us @ 9789066648 / 044-26580258 or email to sales@apzem.com

Material of Construction

    Mild steel & Stainless Steel
    FRP & FRP Lines MS


    Drain valve with ball valve , water inlet valve.
    Overflow Provision
    Water level indicator

Technical Specifications

Extraction arm : Adjustable fume extraction arm (snorkel arm)

Air Flow : From 100 CFM to 1500 CFM

Filtration : upto 3 Stages of Filtration

MOC : Mild Steel / SS 304 /SS316

Finish : Powder coated / Matt finish

Power option : single Phase / Three Phase

Customization : Yes , customization available suiting your needs.

Centrifugal Blower,

Spiral Ducts,

Flexible duct,

Suction hoods,

Pre Filter,

Fine Filter,

HEPA Filter,

Carbon Filter,

Flexible Arm,

Blast gate / Damper

All Apzem Products are designed to comply with ACGIH and OSHA standards as well as local PCB Standards.

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All Apzem Products are minimum one year waranted for performance and quality.