Grossing Station with Integrated Formalin Monitor

Apzem is the predecessor in introducing smart grossing workstations with a large 7" LCD Touch screen and WIFI. The monitor displays the formalin concentration, the blower operation, temperature, humidity etc. It incorporates several latest technological advancements such as Automatic detection of user presence, automated adjustment of blower operation based on the concentration of Formalin, Demand based ventilation (modulation of suction force as needed), fully automated feather touch controls and many more.
All these advancements have been designed considering the safety, hygiene and better comfort of the pathologist. Features such as demand based operation, intelligent blower operation, ensures low power consumption. Several comforting features such as automatic sensor faucet, automatic hand dryer, Geo Fencing (Automatic turning on and off based on user presence).


    *   Smart WIFI grossing station with Integrated formalin monitor.
    *   Demand Based Ventilation - Modulates the suction force as needed.
    *   Demand Based Operation helps in saving energy upto 50%.
    *   Automated blower operation based on the formalin concentration.
    *   Geo-Fencing - Automatic On/Off of the Grossing station based on the user presence .
    *   Ensures formalin free lab environment by continuous monitoring of formalin levels.
    *   Automatic theme color change of formalin monitor based on Formalin concentration.
    *   Fully Automated Feather Touch Controls.
    *   Wireless Connectivity : Grossing station can be connected with any WIFI enabled device and logged data can be accessed in Excel Format. It includes an autogenerated graph.